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Frettie is a growing online songwriting community. Hundreds of songwriters from all over the globe have joined to showcase, connect, sell their music and contribute to over 3,000 song reviews. For less than the price of a latte a month ($2.00) you'll gain access to a number of resources available to help you connect, showcase, grow and reach your goals as a songwriter. 

Once purchasing your yearly membership to Frettie, you'll receive the following:

  • A membership code to register and access the entire online songwriting community. 

  • Access to professional song reviews from Hit Songwriters and Industry Professionals.

  • Access to the exclusive Frettie Songwriting Discussion Forum.

  • Access to a special curated list of opportunities and workshops. Some are only available to our members.

  • Access to events and webinars with industry thought leaders.

  • A "Getting started guide to Frettie" that's full of tips to help you get the most out of the Frettie community from day one.  

  • A FREE GIFT from Hit Songwriter and Blogger Brent Baxter of Man Vs. Row, to help you take your songwriting career to the next level!

  • A FREE GIFT from AudioTheme. AudioTheme offers premium Wordpress themes built for the musician, band and labels.

Why should you consider joining Frettie?

Members who have invested in joining Frettie and have made it a regular part of their songwriting process and network, have done so because they know that opportunity is created through making connections and growing their network. They also know that before they spend anywhere from $400 to $900 on recording a song demo, they want to be sure it's right. Frettie provides the resources needed to meet, discover, get feedback, and learn what it takes to make that perfect song. It also puts mentors, industry pros and a network of like-minded individuals one click away from you. A $25.00/yr investment to ensure that you're not throwing away money on demos and to gain access to valuable resources to grow your career is a huge bargain and hope to see you join us.

Here's what some of our members and industry pros have said about Frettie:

  • "I wish there had been a Frettie when I was starting out! Frettie isn't spammy- it isn't about people just yelling "look at me!" Folks are willing to share their feedback on others' songs, and that's cool. I think outside perspective is really valuable as we grow as songwriters and Frettie makes that possible." - Brent Baxter, Hit Songwriter in Nashville, TN

  • "I think Frettie is a great resource for the songwriting community. Frettie is providing songwriters with a great opportunity to collaborate and get feedback from others." - Amanda Williams, Hit Songwriter in Nashville, TN

  • "Because of the feedback that I received from the Frettie community on one of my songs, I started to think about the song in a different way. I entered it into a global competition and placed. I probably would have not entered it otherwise." - Sarah Spencer, Songwriter in Nashville, TN

  • "I like the community feel and the songwriters are giving each other real good advice! I saw chorus verse and hook advice. Frettie has a nice platform." -  Jeffery James  Director of A&R at Sony Music Entertainment

  • "I attribute much of my success to Frettie. It opened a bunch of doors and I will forever be thankful for Frettie! The community is incredible. It puts those "huh, that's a great song, I wouldn't have thought of writing a lyric that way" into your mind. A "maybe I'll try that next time" for songwriting. Frettie opens up the mind of a songwriter but it's done with heart and respect to one another. There isn't bashing or egos. It's real and truthful perspective from industry big shots to someone who is just starting to write." - Emma Lane, Songwriter in Rochester, New York

We're excited to have you join as a member of the growing community and look forward to connecting with you on Frettie!

- The Frettie Team

P.S. Want to learn more about Frettie, visit us online at If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or via twitter @iamfrettie!

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Frettie Yearly Membership